Using Pools On Blackboard

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1. ORIGINAL: Question Pools | Blackboard Help
ORIGINAL: Question Pools | Blackboard Help
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2. Tests, Pools, and Surveys | Blackboard Help

The Ultra Course View includes the new terminology that aligns with current standards. This table lists the names of assessment question features in the two …

3. Creating Tests Using Pools · Blackboard Help for Faculty

Creating Tests Using Pools

Searching Pools and Tests. There are four overall steps in creating a test by searching pools and assessments: Build the test; Specify the Question Settings …

4. Question Pools | Blackboard Help

On your Course Site, under the Control Panel, click Course Tools, and then click Tests, Surveys, and Pools. Click Pools, and then click the Build Pool button. At the initial Pool Information page, fill in the Name field and provide a brief Description about what this pool will contain and any Instructions.

5. How do I create a question pool in Blackboard? – Confluence …

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6. How do I create a test from a pool in Blackboard?

How do I create a test from a pool in Blackboard? Print Version – Download. To build a test from a pool: Step 1: In your course, go to Course Tools …

7. Manage Question Pools in Blackboard

Pool questions cannot be presented to students unless they are included in a. Test. Pools also differ from tests in the following ways: • Random Blocks cannot be …

8. Blackboard Tests: Reusable question pools – Blackboard Help …

Using Your Pools. When you have created the number of pools you wish, you will see them in your Pools section. These are now ready to be …

9. Creating a Test Using Pool Questions – YouTube

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10. How-to Create a Test Pool in Blackboard – YouTube

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11. Creating a Test in Blackboard Using Question Pools – YouTube

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12. Create a Test from a Pool in Blackboard – YouTube

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